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NOTE: These guidlelines cover the following applications:

Student Data Access Guidelines

The following is the School District‘s Data Access Guidelines for the above applications:

Prerequisites for individual access to student data through the above applications and the procedures for assurance that the prerequisites have been met are below.

The user will complete training provided by the local School Data Administrator and/or Data Coordinator.

This includes instruction that will prevent inappropriate use of aggregated and disaggregated student data.

The user will complete the online registration form (this form).

The District/School Data Administrator and/or Data Coordinator will activate the individual accounts.

Appropriate student data access and usage contexts are cited below with departures from these cited contexts defined and approved by the District/School Data Administrators (this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of appropriate usage contexts, other appropriate contexts will likely emerge as implementation proceeds).

School and District level individual access and usage of aggregated and disaggregated student data.

Routine teacher differentiation of instruction to address individual and group academic needs.

Parent conference.

Individual professional development planning, IPDP.

State and Federal reporting requirements, NCLB (Title I, EETT, AYP), ESE, etc.

Construction of grant applications requiring aggregated data on ethnic, demographic, and academic performance sub-groups.

Use of a team (i.e., parents, teachers, counselors, ESE personnel, Alternative Education personnel, and administrators) to review and examine individual academic achievement, demographic, and disciplinary data for prescriptive action.

Placement in exceptional or alternative programs.

Use of a committee (i.e., SAC, SIP, Technology Committee) to review and examine aggregated academic achievement, demographic, and disciplinary data for data driven prescriptive action and planning.

School Improvement and planning processes.

School Data Administrators define and approve additional appropriate usage contexts and context restrictions that are specific to their school and supplemental to District defined usage contexts. Additional contexts would likely address the issues cited below.

Permitted locations for data access.

Permitted methods of data duplication and transmission, electronic, hard copy, e-mail, etc.

Use of data obtained from the above mentioned applications to facilitate professional growth.

Data obtained from the above mentioned applications is categorically prohibited from use in the contractually prescribed teacher evaluation process.

Data obtained from the above mentioned applications may be used to determine a trend of effectiveness regarding specific types of pedagogy in order to prescribe appropriate professional development.


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